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Cheese and Whine

or, How To Raise Four Kids

Queen of Entropy
I'm a SAHM. That's all I've wanted to be, ever since I was a little girl. Of course, things didn't work out that way right off; but shortly after my second son was born, I became a SAHM, and have been one ever since.

I'm also Italian. While my heart has always been 100% Italian, my actual genetic makeup is only 50% Italian :( Luckily for me, the other side of the family doesn't care about their heritage so there's really no competition. Of course, my husband is a bit Irish so I count myself Italian by blood, Irish by marriage :P

I'm also Catholic (not perfect, far from it, but my husband tries to keep me on the right track, bless his heart).

Those are the three great pillars of me.

Firefighter Comments and Graphics

I Believe....
that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are,
but we are responsible for who we become.

I Believe....
that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them,
and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

I Believe...
that no matter how bad your heart is broken
the world doesn't stop for your grief.

I Believe...
that credentials on the wall
do not make you a decent human being.

"The happiest of people don't necessarily
have the best of everything;
They just make the most of everything they have."

Money Comments and Graphics

"No man on his death bed ever looked up into the eyes of his family and friends and said, 'I wish I'd spent more time at the office.'" - Unknown
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. " - John Stuart Mill, English philosopher

Support Our Troops and Military Comments and Graphics